YodTum means Your Own Door to Unique Manifestation.


It's a highly intensive form of support in developing awareness on a personal level. It sets in motion the transition from 'being ruled by circumstances and survival mechanisms' to 'living according to inspiration and true strength'.


In a one day coaching session you will explore the main theme in your life; you will discover your very own YodTum. You will discover your passion and inner strength, realizing your greatest fulfillment. You will experience the desire to express your own unique qualities. You will also explore the pitfalls of your ego that prevent you from developing this true strength; your own hidden arrogance and greatest fears. 

YodTum provides the key to unlock the door to living according to your highest potential'. 


By using specific questioning and visualization techniques you will gain insight into your personal life themes and issues, clarifying the (use) fullness of your life. You will realize why your experiences are an intrinsic part of you. We will apply these insights to your daily living and work environment to provide you with practical tools.