Some of our Products

Below are some inspirations of available products. Talk to me for any individual modifications to meet your needs. 

Political Intelligence

Everyone knows that Political Intelligence is a critical leadership skill. But why do many people choose to “opt-out” of engaging in organizational politics? We think the answer is because they see so many negative examples of bad behavior all around them and have become feeling dis-empowered to bring change.


The result of well-intending leaders opting out, however, or holding back, or refusing to “play the game” is a huge loss. They are usually left out of key strategic decisions, positions and opportunities. And dysfunctional patterns in teams and organizations are kept in place. Highest potentials are not reached.


Political Intelligence is offered as a half-day workshop as an open enrolment class for individuals and groups within organizations.

Your Personal GPS

In today's fast-paced times, we lose track of ourselves just as easily. The compass gives us the tools to find our anchor again any time.


This workshop series consists of a one day in person workshop that is followed by three webinars. The time span for the whole curriculum is about 2 months and is offered to groups within organizations.

Presence & Flexibility

This program is ideal for companies whose top leaders are committed to holistic, integrated, innovative, balanced leadership development that includes the whole person in the leadership journey. Leaders who actively walk the talk and sponsor conscious leadership. 


Participants can come from any place within the organization and be in a closed or open group/team. Their leadership journey is very personal and therefore participants can be at any stage of their conscious leadership. Group size 10-70 participants, depending on the level of interaction that is desired. 


The program is currently build with 6 modules of 90 minutes each and delivered full virtual. The total length of the curriculum is  3 months


YodTum means Your Own Door to Unique Manifestation.


It's a highly intensive form of support in developing awareness on a personal level. It sets in motion the transition from 'being ruled by circumstances and survival mechanisms' to 'living according to inspiration and true strength'.


This is a one day coaching session for individuals.