In my portfolio around Leadership you will find the following sets of content: 

Leadership and Organization Development

Organization development is based on the notion that the actual organization as an entity doesn’t exist. An organization consists of people. People create results. By involving the mind, heart and hands of people, an organization will experience positive and sustainable growth. Most organizations lack simple strategies and clearly defined goals to achieve what they want. Even when these exist, people often don’t identify with these, leaders may lack the discipline to fulfill these goals or fear may generate a hidden agenda.


In today's complex world, leaders who wish to be successful cannot afford to waste their time and energy. When staff members are able to focus on clearly defined organizational goals, which connect to their personal objectives and their professional development, based on what truly matters, they will be able to fully contribute and produce the desired outcomes! Throughout the years WezenlijkWerken-Source@work has developed several tools for organizations that allow us to generate clarity and move forward even in the most complex circumstances.


Leadership as a term in itself is one of the most difficult to fully comprehend. For me leadership is mostly about discovering your personal leadership. This is something we all have inside of us. If we allow our personal leadership to take charge, regardless of the situation –this means not letting our fears get in the way– we will create a world in which we all feel safe, a world in which each individual can live life to the fullest.


We use the following three principles to discover our personal leadership:

Charisma is a Greek word. It is associated with charis, which literally means: something that evokes joy.

Together with my partners at Tiara International we have developed a Leadership Model that is the base for all our programs and leadership curriculums. 


The Tiara Model for True Leadership SM is integrated, cyclic and well represented by the wheel, indicating movement. At the model’s center resides INSPIRATION, the origin of purpose, motivation and energy, represented by the crown. The critical step to embodying True Leadership is identifying the source of inspiration for oneself. Then, the experience radiates outward to Tiara’s threefold leadership dimensions of AWARENESS, ACCOMPLISHMENT and INFLUENCE.

WezenlijkWerken-Source@work offers a series of diverse and challenging leadership journeys. Afterwards you will find yourself 'irreparably improved'.


The outcomes of the journey include:


1. As an individual participant you will discover your personal leadership, which will allow you to give a more natural, authentic and proactive meaning to the way you learn, live and work, for yourself and your team/environment. 


2. Your immediate surroundings (which may or may not include hierarchical leadership) will immediately notice the impact of initiating and completing a valuable project. 


3. The organization will benefit from leaders who are able to inspire their environment, from a position of optimal self-steering and accountability, aligned with the organizational values.

The power of Theory U

It happens. You no longer understand what is going on, nothing works. The individual can't explain exactly what is happening, but knows that the results are not living up to the potential. Perhaps you sense some tension between you and the other(s). Imagine that we all gather around the table with the following intention: to understand what is really going on. And we start from the following assumptions: nobody is to blame and everybody is right? For half a day or a full day we share our thoughts (we provide all information, uncensored) and postpone all judgment. What would be the result?


An 'open mind', an 'open heart' and an 'open will' bring us to a point from where we see the situation within the context of the greater perspective. This awareness will naturally lead us to the following logical step. Provided that we dare to delay and hang in until everybody is ready. This approach we call 'presencing', leading from the future as it emerges. When everything is clear we will better understand where the solution lies, and we will be able to decide on the first step and get to work. WezenlijkWerken-Source@work will guide you in this process. The foundation of Theory U lies in the work by Otto Scharmer. I am a certified by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) on Theory U. For more information visit  www.presencing.com.

Personal & Team Coaching

Are you stuck in a difficult situation or are you ready for a new challenge? We live in a time of continuous change, aptly described in the following sentence: for which reorganization do you work? It's easy for an individual to get lost. People and organizations are suffering from burn-out symptoms that may cause us to reflect on issues such as: what is my role here? More than ever it's crucial to clearly understand and focus on what truly matters to you.


More satisfaction and enjoyment in your work

Successful organizations recognize that employees also have a life outside of work. By balancing life and work, also known as 'life integration', people will experience more joy in their work and make a more significant contribution to the organization. People will feel ownership of their personal agendas, goals and ambitions in their work. They will be more motivated and take greater responsibility for their actions and attitude. They will focus on what truly matters, gain greater control over the situation and achieve the results they really desire.


Stress prevention and energy management

When excessive stress and imbalances in certain aspects of our live result in sick leave, personal coaching may serve as a powerful tool to focus (preventively) on these elements. By no longer allowing yourself to be at the mercy of external circumstances, but clearly defining what an inspiring year should look like, you create the basis for harmony in your life. By developing a personal yearly plan people are coached to be in charge of their life and take actions to achieve that which truly matters for them.


For whom?

The WezenlijkWerken-Source@work coaching programs are effective for anybody who seeks growth, joy and harmony between their inner and outer world. These programs provide a navigation system that allows the client to achieve those results that truly matter. According to personal or organizational need, the emphasis can be more on work or private life.