About me

Andrea, person behind  Source@work has a degree in agricultural engineering. She completed a four-year program at 'Mens en Intuïtie' (People and Intuition) in Amersfoort to become a healer/reader/light worker, followed by a train-the-trainer course 'Training with heart and soul' at KB&K in Wageningen. She owns the rights to several (of her own) team coaching and personal development programs. Furthermore, she often works in a team-capacity on long-term projects and offers freelance training services to third parties.


Who is Andrea?


A pragmatic optimist with big dreams of which numerous have come true. Always searching for authenticity within herself and others. An enthusiastic and curious people person who always felt like a Sunday’s child, even when things seemed bleak. She prefers to focus on what can be done, instead of on what cannot be done. Humor is half the battle, but should never be superficial. She loves amazing insights and (breathtaking) viewpoints. She feels increasingly more comfortable in the role of creator of her own destiny and wants to share this joy with the rest of the world. Compassion and decisiveness play an important role in this process.


My story


After several fascinating and challenging years in the tropics, I returned to the Netherlands and found an interesting position at an environmental organization where I worked with communication, people and their qualities. This is where I was introduced to the concept of self-steering in organizations. For the first time in my life I had the perfect job, but unfortunately this pioneer organization went bankrupt. This painful, yet (what else) educational experience was a sign to focus on what I truly wanted. 

I decided to set up my own business and dedicate my services to guiding people and organizations. I found my first client on the very same day I set up my company and have never looked back since. Over and over again I realize the great value of leading a fulfilled life. It's so important to do what feels right to me and allow my talents to be fully deployed. I continuously aim for an 'alignment', between my inner and outer harmony in a constantly evolving world. I am also able to translate to this into the discovery of my own personal leadership and an increasingly greater awareness of who I truly am. I feel a strong connection to the individual person and his or her search. I feel comfortable in developing people's awareness, helping them to discover what truly inspires and motivates them, so they can stand on their own two feet. 


My mission of: 'building a world in which people can live life to the fullest'. I regard the word life as an active verb. Or, using a Dutch saying by Loesje: "life requires a lot of living".


Source@work has worked with the following clients:

Unilever Nederland, municipality of Arnhem, SNS Reaal, school community Pantarijn and Fluvius, Zeeman textiel supers, ministery of VROM and LNV, KPMG,  Amsterdam Amstelland police