Know what makes you feel alive

What sounds so simple can often be so difficult in reality. Getting to the source of what makes us come alive can be a life-long journey. We get trapped in our daily routines and the roles we play, consciously and unconsciously. Going to the source, can also be very uncomfortable, uncovering unwanted observations and that may even be hurting. So we decide to stay in the comfortable, not go through the pain and with that often remain in a state where we are not living up to our full potential. 


With WezenlijkWerken-Source@work you have a trusted partner to lead you through that journey of discovery to who you truly are and what really matters. On a personal level this means rediscovering the true essence of your nature and life. Within organizations this means rediscovering authentic craftsmanship or expertise.


We live in a time when reorganizations occur in rapid succession and individuals often feel lost. The world is becoming increasingly complex and old certainties are faltering. From the financial crisis in 2009 to the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 we are asked to adapt and transform to new realities .


This often raises questions such as: 

  • What is the meaning of my life?
  • What is my contribution to this organization?
  • What is really happening within our team and what do we need?

WezenlijkWerken-Source@work will guide you through this process.

Here is how we help

Leadership is as complex as the world we live in and comes in many forms. One that all have in common is the question: 


How do we create a world in which we all feel safe, a world in which each individual can live life to the fullest?

YodTum stands for Your Own Door to Unique Manifestation. Our signature 1-day Coaching experience that you will not find elsewhere. 


Are you willing to to unlock the door to living according to your highest potential'?

Tiara International is  committed to all women choosing to lead lives that inspire them and I am one of the Managing Partners of Tiara in the Netherlands. 


You are supporting women development and want to learn more?