Political Intelligence

 This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You are curious how office politics can be positive.
  • You want to stay in integrity and be intentionally impactful.
  • Your work environment is complex and challenging.
  • You face ambiguity in increasingly demanding roles.
  • You notice that “unwritten rules” are at play.
  • You experience organizational decisions are not rational and are not made openly.
  • You are curious about how to develop your skills to effectively navigate this organizational landscape: for the benefit of all involved.

This illuminating half-day workshop is for anyone who wants to answer this question for themselves and their organization: How do I understand and manage organizational politics more effectively, for the benefit of all involved? This includes myself, my team, others in the system, and the organization overall. 


Everyone knows that Political Intelligence is a critical leadership skill. But why do many people choose to “opt out” of engaging in organizational politics? We think the answer is because they see so many negative examples of bad behavior all around them and have become feeling dis-empowered to bring change.


The result of well intending leaders opting out however, or holding back, or refusing to “play the game” is a huge loss. They are usually left out of key strategic decisions, positions and opportunities. And dysfunctional patterns in teams and organizations are kept in place. Highest potentials are not reached.


At the completion of this Positive Political Intelligence™ workshop you will be able to:


  • Articulate how workplace politics can be used to positively and proactively influence personal and organizational goals.
  • Identify your own political intelligence™ level and how others might view you, politically.
  • Recognize and influence the different types of “political animals” that exist in your team/organization.
  • Identify inspired actions to enhance your influence.

The Academy for Political Intelligence (API) knows that organizational politics are very real. Their belief is that politics should be managed proactively and that it can be positive.


I am a certified partner for delivering API workshops and coaching. 


We run this workshop as part of the Tiara program offer in the Netherlands about once a quarter as an open enrolment class in Amsterdam. Please check the Tiara Resource circle calendar for the next upcoming class.