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“Don’t ask what the world needs, rather ask what makes you come alive, then go and do it! Because what the world needs, is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurmon, Minister


When people rediscover their authenticity and start to live according to their inspiration, they will experience a happier life and contribute to a more sustainable society. Each person has an innate understanding of what inspires him or her and each person possesses the talents and skills to fulfill their true desire. All you need to do is learn to listen to yourself and have the courage to take the first step to set the process in motion. Once you cross that threshold you enter into a positive flow that seems to support your desires. This is also called synchronicity. By experiencing this flow you will find yourself in the center of life, instead of on the outside: your future is shaped according to your authentic nature and inspiration. You no longer feel like a victim of circumstance, but the captain of your own ship. You are at the helm, come what may, and that gives immeasurable joy.

Source@work training & coaching moves people and organizations and guides them to who they truly are and what really matters. On a personal level this means rediscovering the true essence of your nature and life. Within organizations this means rediscovering authentic craftsmanship or expertise.

We live in a time when reorganizations occur in rapid succession and individuals often feel lost. The world is becoming increasingly complex and old certainties are faltering. The financial crisis is only one example. More and more people and entire organizations are exhibiting the symptoms of what we now call ‘burn-out’. This often raises questions such as: what is the meaning of my life, what is my contribution to this organization, what is really happening within our team and what do we need? Source@work will guide you through this process.