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"Wherever a group of people gathers with the intention of serving a larger whole - and when these people fully attend to what wants to emerge through them - then a window of possibility opens that allows them to become a vehicle for sensing and presencing the future".
Otto Scharmer

Theory U: presencing

It happens. You no longer understand what is going on, nothing works. The individual can't explain exactly what is happening, but knows that the results are not living up to the potential. Perhaps you sense some tension between you and the other(s). Imagine that we all gather around the table with the following intention: to understand what is really going on. And we start from the following assumptions: nobody is to blame and everybody is right? For half a day or a full day we share our thoughts (we provide all information, uncensored) and postpone all judgment. What would be the result?

An 'open mind', an 'open heart' and an 'open will' bring us to a point from where we see the situation within the context of the greater perspective. This awareness will naturally lead us to the following logical step. Provided that we dare to delay and hang in until everybody is ready. This approach we call 'presencing', leading from the future as it emerges. When everything is clear we will better understand where the solution lies, and we will be able to decide on the first step and get to work. Source@work will guide you in this process. For more information please see