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"The organization doesn’t exist, but is created every day, over and over again, in people’s minds, when they attach meaning to procedures, decisions, plans and stories."
Karl Weick

Organization development

Organization development is based on the notion that the actual organization as an entity doesn’t exist. An organization consists of people. People create results. By involving the mind, heart and hands of people, an organization will experience positive and sustainable growth. Most organizations lack simple strategies and clearly defined goals to achieve what they want. Even when these exist, people often don’t identify with these, leaders may lack the discipline to fulfill these goals or fear may generate a hidden agenda.

In today's complex world, leaders who wish to be successful cannot afford to waste their time and energy. When staff members are able to focus on clearly defined organizational goals, which connect to their personal objectives and their professional development, based on what truly matters, they will be able to fully contribute and produce the desired outcomes! Throughout the years Source@work has developed several tools for organizations that allow us to generate clarity and move forward even in the most complex circumstances.

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