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"It’s a process of continuous learning, integrating and action. We will gradually implement corrections. With a little bit of productive community here, a little bit of system deregulation there, a few ‘revelations’ and some appreciative questions along the way, voilà: magic happens: Positive energy is released, things work better and the entire system improves.”
Robert Quinn

Learning communities

Delegating responsibilities lower down in the organization, more teamwork and a demand-driven client approach, a manager with a greater coaching role, tapping into the natural talents of your staff members, finding professionalism within your organizations...these are all issues that organizations have tried to grapple and that require an innovative approach. Managers who try to seriously address these issues often encounter new issues in terms of organization and management, which aren’t immediately understood by others.

It can be very valuable for managers and leaders to exchange similar experiences. This may occur within a context of what we call a learning community. Learning communities are learning groups for the frontrunners in organizations: managers and leaders who want to and are able to make a difference with innovative change processes. This involves transformation processes that focus on change, letting go, reflection, renewal and may bring up emotional issues such as resistance, fear, creativity, inspiration, authenticity and more.

We offer various learning communities around issues such as: work and health, care, leadership, managerial pressure, great places to live and presencing. There is also a so-called slow lab where we try to bring together the main theme of our discoveries. There are managed by Stichting Slow (management). For more information see also

Meetings always begin around 4 pm and finish around 8.30 pm, consisting of two parts: a discussion of a current theme and case studies. On the basis of a real-life issue encountered by one of the participants, the group exchanges experiences while enjoying a light meal. According to the issue and the composition of the group we choose from a range of approaches to conduct the discussion. Please contact us for more information.