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“BE what you want to SEE in the world.”
inspired by Ghandi

Leadership journeys

Everybody is always talking about leadership. Next to love, it may be one of the most difficult terms to fully comprehend. For me leadership is mostly about discovering your personal leadership. This is something we all have inside of us. If we allow our personal leadership to take charge, regardless of the situation – this means not letting our fears get in the way – we will create a world in which we all feel safe, a world in which each individual can live life to the fullest.

We use the following three principles to discover our personal leadership:
1. Discovering your authentic leadership (leading yourself)
2. Discovering your compassionate leadership (leading the other)
3. Discovering your charismatic leadership (leading from your circle of influence)
Charisma is a Greek work. It's associated with charis, which literally means: something that evokes joy.

Source@work offers a series of diverse and challenging leadership journeys that are not only profound, but also adventurous and fun. Afterwards you will find yourself 'irreparably improved'.
The outcomes of this journey include:
1. As an individual participant you will discover your personal leadership, which will allow you to give a more natural, authentic and proactive meaning to the way you learn, live and work, for yourself and your team/environment.
2. Your immediate surroundings (which may or may not include hierarchical leadership) will immediately notice the impact of initiating and completing a valuable project.
3. The organization will benefit from leaders who are able to inspire their environment, from a position of optimal self-steering and accountability, aligned with the organizational values.