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"The problem is not that we don’t know what to do, but that we simply don’t do it."
Peter Drucker

Personal and professional coaching

Are you stuck in a difficult situation or are you ready for a new challenge? We live in a time of continuous change, aptly described in the following sentence: for which reorganization do you work? It's easy for an individual to get lost. People and organizations are suffering from burn-out symptoms that may cause us to reflect on issues such as: what is my role here? More than ever it's crucial to clearly understand and focus on what truly matters to you.

More satisfaction and enjoyment in your work
Successful organizations recognize that employees also have a life outside of work. By balancing life and work, also known as 'life integration', people will experience more joy in their work and make a more significant contribution to the organization. People will feel ownership of their personal agendas, goals and ambitions in their work. They will be more motivated and take greater responsibility for their actions and attitude. They will focus on what truly matters, gain greater control over the situation and achieve the results they really desire.

Stress prevention and energy management
When excessive stress and imbalances in certain aspects of our live result in sick leave, personal coaching may serve as a powerful tool to focus (preventively) on these elements. By no longer allowing yourself to be at the mercy of external circumstances, but clearly defining what an inspiring year should look like, you create the basis for harmony in your life. By developing a personal yearly plan people are coached to be in charge of their life and take actions to achieve that which truly matters for them.

For whom?
The Source@work coaching programs are effective for anybody who seeks growth, joy and harmony between their inner and outer world. These programs provide a navigation system that allows the client to achieve those results that truly matter. According to personal or organizational need, the emphasis can be more on work or private life.

Special coaching tools