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"Every client deserves a personalized approach; the best!"
Hein Duijnstee


Andrea works with organizations that have the drive and the courage to excel in what they do and strive for a higher level of authenticity. They have a vision of what they would like to be and possess the drive to achieve this, but still find themselves frustrated by the daily workload, economic pressure and bureaucracy.

Clients have said: "She is inspired, warm and committed, believes in what she does and is able to quickly get to the essence of what matters. Tough on results and easy on people. Creates an environment of trust where things can really get done."

Over the course of years, Source@work has worked with the following clients: Unilever Nederland, gemeente Arnhem, Odyssee, Firmament, Ecofys, ABN, NIBC, SNS Reaal, Fortis Mees Pierson, Hasbro, PWC, LogicaCMG, ETC Leusden, Alterra Wageningen, Wageningen International, MDF, Haskoning, scholengemeenschappen Pantarijn en Fluvius, ANWB, HAN, Arbo Unie, Sanofi Aventis, Stichting Clientenperspectief (Clip), WEOM, Gemeente Den Haag, ZLTO, Econcern, Bureau Ecologie en Landbouw, ROC Da Vinci college, ROC Landstede, ROC Midden Nederland, Deltion College, ROC Frieslandlandcollege, Zeeman textiel supers, ministerie van VROM en LNV, van Mensvoort BV, KPMG, woman capital, politie Amsterdam Amstelland, Deloitte, IN-Holland.