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“If you keep both feet on the ground you cannot move forward.”

Awareness, accountability and development

Awareness and accountability (responsibility for your own actions) play a key role in the guidance I provide. The goal is to foster development by getting in touch with that which truly matters to the individual, the team and/or the organization. Awareness begins by creating a realistic self-image. Realistic means facing your shortcomings, but also your strengths. A realistic self-image is devoid of confining convictions and old survival mechanisms. It forms the basis for self-awareness and self-confidence. Self-confidence is required to be able to take action. And only action and experience will lead to development. Development means allowing yourself to learn and clearly understand what limits you. Successes and disappointments contain life lessons that will guide you on the road ahead; over and over again. You can regard it as an adventurous journey. Eventually it will lead to the rediscovery of your authenticity.

Source@work training & coaching helps to initiate and guide this process of awareness and development. I hereby respect my clients to follow their own process. As an energy worker I have learned to trust and use my intuition. This helps me to gain insight into people's core issues. My approach is marked by a sense of humor, practicality and a compassion for the human struggle.

I believe in the synergy of co-creation (one plus one makes three). According to the demand, we will develop the approach (the assignment or training) in close cooperation with a network of inspiring trainers, coaches and advisors who draw from a surprisingly diverse range of competencies and expertise.